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Is Good Sammy linked to the Salvation Army or The Samaritans?

No - Good Sammy is the retail division of Good Sammy Enterprises, a Western Australian Uniting Church organisation set up over 50 years ago to provide meaningful work for local people with a disability, thereby helping them achieve greater independence. We are often confused with the Salvation Army, which is a national organisation that provides emergency relief, food and accommodation services. We are also often confused with The Samaritans, a helpline for people who need someone to talk to. We are not linked in any way to either of these organisations.

Can you donate any clothing or goods to a needy cause or family?

Unlike other op-shops which have a welfare focus, our priority is to create employment opportunities for people with a disability. This being the case, we are unable to donate any goods for free from our shops. It would be fantastic to support all the worthy causes that approach us, but this is not our main role, and would be financially impossible. We do however help out in critical circumstances such as major disasters and significant crises through our Uniting Church involvement. If you are seeking welfare support, we are happy to put you in contact with other organisations who specialise in these services. Email us for assistance.


Can you give me a discount on this item?

While we do our best to ensure our prices are competitive with other op-shops, we are unable to offer discounts on any of our products unless they are marked as 'specials' with a reduced price. We also have "50%-off" sale days throughout the year, watch our FB page and your local community newspaper for dates.

Are Good Sammy stores run by volunteers? If so, why can't you reduce the price a little?

The majority of our staff are paid employees and the reason for this is that we exist to provide paid, meaningful jobs to people with a disability. To do this, we need to employ trained experienced support staff to work alongside our workers with disabilities and ensure that they receive support and training options to realise their full potential.

We have a Volunteer Program that allows Good Sammy to utilise volunteers where we need them. Contact us to register your interest in volunteering.

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Are all your products donated?

No - the Good Sammy stores also sell a small quantity of brand new goods which are purchased from suppliers to supplement our range of donated items. Typically, new goods would be items like socks and underwear.

This product was donated to you for free, so how do you determine the price?

Our pricing policy takes into account all the costs incurred in collecting, processing, cleaning, distributing and then selling our products in the Good Sammy stores. These costs need to be covered by the revenue raised in our Good Sammy stores, to enable us to continue to support over 250 Western Australians with a disability in a variety of jobs, from retail assistants in the Good Sammy stores, forklift drivers in our warehouse and many other jobs too numerous to mention.